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Tentative Agreement Reached on
Collective Bargaining Agreement

After a long, arduous Impasse process, UFF has reached and the TCC Board of Trustees bargaining teams have reached Tentative Agreement on a complete Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). Click here to see the Agreement on this site.

Tallahassee Community College Faculty Votes to Unionize

The faculty of Tallahassee Community College has spoken and by a vote of 139 - 22 becomes the newest United Faculty of Florida (UFF) chapter. The faculty voted by an 86.3% margin for UFF with 87% of the faculty voting. The vote count followed a three-week period of balloting by mail and was certified by the Florida Public Employees Relations Committee today.

“We are delighted to have achieved this historic victory. This was not a vote against administration but a vote for faculty. They have stood up for themselves. Our voices will now be rightfully heard on issues that impact our employment and student success. We will be part of the decision making process not standing outside of it. I couldn’t be more happy for our faculty,” stated Jen Robinson, Professor of Art History and current President of non-bargaining UFF faculty chapter.

“I want to congratulate the TCC faculty as it becomes the twenty-sixth UFF chapter and the tenth college to become part of the United Faculty of Florida,” explained Dr. Jennifer Proffitt, President of the United Faculty of Florida. “This vote clearly demonstrates that these dedicated faculty members understand that their collective voice is vital to improve their institution and their ability to effectively serve their students and the people of both this community and the state of Florida. I and all the members of UFF welcome these faculty members as the United Faculty of Florida-Tallahassee Community College (UFF-TCC). We are excited to add their energy, knowledge, and professionalism to our cause of improving higher education across our great state."

“Shared governance, the idea that administration, faculty, and staff should cooperate in developing policies that create the best academic environment for student learning, is an essential principle of higher education,” stated Frank M. Baglione, Professor of History at TCC for 26 years and the past Chairman of the TCC Faculty Senate "By voting for collective bargaining through the TCC chapter of the United Faculty of Florida, the faculty hope to restore shared governance and an atmosphere of collegiality in decision making for the benefit of the college, its programs, and its students.”

UFF represents more than 20,000 faculty members at 11 state universities, St. Leo University, ten colleges, and at four graduate assistant chapters.  -August 4, 2016

Download a PDF copy of the news release.

UFF-Tallahassee Chapter Starts New Web Site

Welcome to YOUR union Web site. The Tallahassee Community College Chapter of the United Faculty of Florida exists to represent the full-time faculty at TCC. UFF-TCC is working toward an election to designate to represent all faculty in collective bargaining with the administration of TCC. UFF is the higher education local of the Florida Education Association and is affiliated with the National Education Association , the American Federation of Teachers, and the AFL-CIO. As such, UFF serves faculty - instructional faculty, counselors, and librarians - at all eleven of the state universities, ten community/state colleges, and graduate assistants at three state universities.

Since this Web site is brand new and still being developed, you will see frequent additions and updates. Please come back often for the latest information on the recognition process: PERC actions, and certification election. Once recognition occurs, you will see a shift to focus more on bargaining issues.

Various pages will provide contact information, membership information and forms, and other news of interest.

Some of you may ask "Why a union?", "Why now?", or other questions relevant to the entire process of organizing and bargaining. For answers to these and other common questions, please go to the Frequently Asked Questions about your union page.

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